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California, USA. SIC 87: 5084, NAICS (US2012) 423830 Industrail Machinery & Eqpt. Merchants, Wholesalers.

Milk Factory US $ 54,800

New Complete Mobile Milk Processing Factories inside an insulated stainless steel 40 ft. high cube container. All brand new components.

Just connect electricity and water and you are ready to work. No need for a building or other expensive structures. You make whole milk, 2% milk and cream to sell or to make cheese, yogurt, etc. and many other products for higher profit and longer shelf life.

Use cow milk, buffalo milk, camel, goat, sheep or dry milk powder.

Capacity: 500 Liters per hour (133 US Gallons) x 8 hours = 4,000 Liters per shift or 1,000 US Gallons per 8 hours.

Capable of running 24/7 with self cleaning CIP system

Auto Parts Wholesale US $180,000

Auto Parts Reconditioning Factory plus Wholesale Auto Parts  Business
Sale includes: auto parts inventory at below cost, customer list, equipment for rebuilding auto parts, shelving, business name, tools and office fixtures in a 4,500 sqft space.

Located in Los Angeles, California.Est. 1994
Lease Option: $4,000/per month
Cardboard, paper waste recycling into usable boxes.
Make egg crate, animal feed boxes, electronic packaging boxes.
Complete factory with molds ready to produce.

Includes: all machinery, equipment, molds and operating manuals. One week of free technicians to help you re-assemble, teach, and make samples.

Total weight 63 Metric tons, in 7 x 40 ft. containers.
Needs 250 sq. meters space and 900 Amps electricity.
Panel Housing-Panelized buildings

Includes: all the equipment, enough raw material to test, we also teach the buyer how to use the panels on site.

Panelized sections are steel pockets filled with polyurethane for high insulation. Panels lock together to make walls or roof.
Complete Brick and Tile Factory CIF your port.

The molding machine has an output 10 tones per 8-hour shift or about 800-1000 tiles per hour.

The oven has a capacity of 4 cubic meters or 2,200 tiles.
Candle Making Machine (complete factory) complete with melters

Capable of making candles up to 10 mm diameter and 40 cm long.


Cardboard Recycling US $320,000

Panel House Factory US $75,000

Brick and Tile Factory US $95,000

Candle Manufacturing US $6,000